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Broken String Biosciences is leading the way in improving the safety and effectiveness of gene editing therapies. This advancement is crucial in making transformative treatments safe and accessible for patients.

Cell and gene therapies that utilize genome editing tools like CRISPR-Cas9 hold promise as ground-breaking treatments, capable of curing diseases directly at the genetic level. Since its inception, the CRISPR-Cas9 system has empowered scientists to make precise alterations to DNA across the genome. However, unintended changes, known as “off-target” edits, can occur during the editing process. Depending on where these off-target edits happen in the genome, they can result adverse outcomes for patients.

To address this industry challenge, Broken String Biosciences developed INDUCE-seq® to realise the therapeutic benefit of gene editing for curing disease. INDUCE-seq is a game-changing DNA break-mapping technology that enables drug developers to assess the specificity of genome-editing tools and evaluate the associated off-target genetic outcomes. Our data-driven platform reveals precisely how genome editors interact with and alter our genomes. This information is essential for the efficient development of novel genome editing systems and will unlock many new targets within the genome for therapeutic development.

Broken String’s vision is to build a future where cell and gene therapies revolutionize healthcare and transform lives with unprecedented precision and safety.





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Our team operates at the intersection of biology, bioinformatics and data science.

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