INDUCE-seq™ – Measuring precision in gene editing systems for cell and gene therapy.

Advances in genome editing tools, such as CRISPR-Cas9, are expanding development of new and innovative cell and gene therapies (CGT). However, their progress through to clinic requires stringent pre-clinical assessments of all off-target gene editing events to ensure safe and efficacious use in patients. 

To realise the full potential of these tools and accelerate CGT development, more precise methods are needed for evaluating and quantifying off-target effects across all phases of therapeutic development, including treatment follow-up. INDUCE-seq™ enables companies developing cell and gene therapies to measure and quantify the specificity of off-target genetic edits and evaluate the associated genetic outcomes. The platform provides data-driven, actionable insights across the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development stages to advance gene editing programs. Learn more about INDUCE-seq on this webinar.

Speaker: Felix Dobbs, PhD
Co-founder and CEO, Broken String Biosciences

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